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Established in 1995, we take pride in bringing a taste of contemporary furnishing from around the world to refined palettes in India, with many of the global brands being available in India exclusively with us. Our eclectic collection of products in the sectors of furniture, decorative lighting, home decor accessories, art sufaces, wall coverings, metal fabrics, sculpture & art, time pieces & clocks, outdoor furniture & lighting has won the hearts of countless individuals who are united by a refined taste for stylish or luxury interiors.

S. T. Unicom has been challenging the preset notions of the furniture & decor industry for the past 25 years. Today, the company serves an array of clients ranging from Architects, Interior Designers, Landscapists, Corporates, Multinationals, Hotels & Restaurants, and luxury residences. The company and its brands cater to the nation’s aesthetic and artistic needs in the interior industry.

Influencing countless individuals for over 2 decades, S. T. Unicom is the perfect destination for a multifarious collection of contemporary furnishing from around the world.

Carrying forward the legacy of S. T. Unicom, Spacio – The retail brand of the company – has not only redefined the perception of decor but has also emerged to be one of the leading brands in the luxury sector of furniture, decor & fine home accessories. We introduce you to an out-of-world experience where artistry and exquisite craftsmanship are in complete harmony, connected by a symbiotic bond that helps transform your space into a work of art. Today, Spacio has its retail presence in Kolkata and Mumbai. We are soon coming to the cities of  Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, & Chennai.

Embracing the changing needs of today, the company has ventured into the digital space and made a selective range of curated collection available through the e-store brand – Just For Decor. A step towards the future, it has helped us reach out to home-designers from all over the world who can enjoy the products with the click of a button.

Clocks – Our trusted companion since time immemorial – serve a much greater purpose than the simple act of time keeping. Today, the choice of clock defines a person. How a person perceives time is articulately portrayed in their choice of clocks. After all, every one of us has our unique perspectives. And with a vision to cater to these myriad moods & emotions, Just For Clocks was born. After all every person is unique, so why should their clocks be similar? The brand has its retail presence in Mumbai and Kolkata and plans to have more than 20 stores in the leading cities of India soon.

S.T.Unicom about

When a company has a vision you can believe in, it’s not hard to get inspired.

S.T.Unicom stands united as a family, wherein we have a touch of fineness with the eternal bliss of our coveted customers.

Headed by Navin Kanodia and Praveen Kanodia, we are a team of designers, curators, architects, interior designers, skilled craftsmen and technical experts working in collaboration to create all together a new dimension of better living for our customers.

United by a genuine willingness and tenacity to work together and prosper as individuals as well as professionals, the members of the S.T.Unicom family are constantly putting their efforts to come up with flawless results and present a masterpiece of rarity to our customers.

We are the breed of learners, wherein new and innovative ideas are invited, cherished and implemented.

S.T.Unicom Philosophy

Present a bouquet of the best global brands in the industry of Architecture & Interior Design
Connect Architects, Interior Designers, Design professionals with the most celebrated brands & collection
Committed to offering the best of interior styling products & solutions
Complete end to end service and customer satisfaction

We are a key player in the field of contemporary design solutions in India and the region. The choice of the brands and the collection we bring in the field of indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, decorative lighting, art surfaces, wall coverings, metal fabrics, sculpture & art, home decor accessories and clocks represent our commitment towards excellent design, quality and service.

“Design thinking is a human-centered approach and innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” – Navin Kanodia, Creative Director

Thinking like a designer can transform the way organisation develop products, services, processes and strategy. This approach which the Team STU calls design thinking, brings together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. It also allows people who aren’t trained to use creative tolls to address a vast range of challenges.

All our focus and work done is in consideration of the needs of our customers. As we iterate toward a final solution, we assess and reassess our offerings, suggestions and our designs. Our goal is to deliver the most appropriate and suitable solution for your space.

S.T.Unicom Milestones

1995S.T.Unicom founded
1996 – Pioneered in designing & manufacturing metal furniture & accessories
2000 – Introduced International design concepts and state of art products curated from all over the globe
2007 – Launch of various home retail brands to cater to the growing market of niche & luxury furniture & decor accessories in India
2010 – Started distribution of  lifestyle decor products brands – Toast Living and Day & Day product from Taiwan in India
2012 -Appointed as distributors of metal sculpture brand – Artisan House, Inc (USA)
2013 – Appointed distributors of Present Time  brands – Pt, Karlsson, Leitmotiv, JIP, Silly, Wanted (Netherlands), Haoshi Designs (Taiwan), Progetti (Italy), Kairos (Hong Kong)
2014 – Started distributing premium fashion clock brands –  Nextime (Netherlands), Tothora (Spain), Studio Ve (Israel) &  Nomon (Spain).
2015 – Appointed exclusive representative distributors of global iconic brands of decorative lighting, furniture, crystalware and fire places – Serip Organic Lighting (Portugal), Malers (Sweden), Mario Cioni & C (Italy), Leather Craftsman (Taiwan), Cravt (Netherlands) & Planika (Poland)
2016 – Exclusive representative/ distributors of Dome Deco (Belgium), Camus Collection/Agrippa (Spain), Affreschi & Affreschi (Italy), Meystyle (UK), Coleccion Alexandra (Spain), Planters For Life (Netherlands)
2017 – Appointed exclusive distributors of Resource Decor brands – Kelly Hoppen, Thomas Bina, Nellote, Boyd, Maison 55Beauhome, Coup & Co. , LCD Metal Textiles (France), Ginger & Jagger (Portugal), Paulo Antunes (Portugal), Munna (Portugal) & Christopher Guy (USA), Momenti (Italy).
2018 – Appointed exclusive representative of fireplace, decorative lighting and home decor brands – Glamm Fire (Portugal), Bomma (Czech), Utopia & Utility (Finland), Goebel (Germany).




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Our Clients & Projects

  • gardeco collection Decorative sculpture pieces from Gardeco at display in – Studio Lotus designs a home in New Delhi that’s richly layered with artworks, handcrafted materials and bespoke furniture
    Studio Lotus designs a home in New Delhi

  • Often described by visitors as a house floating within the clouds, this apartment in Manhattan is surely a dream abode for the family.

    Interior Designer Shalini Misra of Shalini Misra Ltd, Project Manhattan New York
  • Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani of Mumbai-based MuseLAB Design Engine. And it is this design philosophy that they base their creativity on. Every form is a base for colour and every colour is characteristic form. A series of doves in flight from a part of the wall clock.

    Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani of MuseLAB Design Engine, Mumbai
  • How beautiful it feels to see your brand outshine the walls of an office space, Designer Chaitali Pandya featuring our Swallow clock from Haoshi from Taiwan.
    Chaitali Pandya by Valonia Interiors, Surat
  • Featuring Nomon Cris clock hanging on the walls of @ampmdesigns office. Customised by ampmdesigns, the background can change 16 million colors and is programmed to start at sunrise and shutdown at sunset. The clock background boasts of a Barrisol Stretch Fabric that distributes the light evenly and feels soft on the eyes.
    Ampmdesigns, Mumbai
  • It feels always grateful to receive photographs of your brands! A lovely project recently completed in Surat by Valonia Interiors, designer Chaitali Pandya featuring dolomite led wallpaper from Meystyle.
    Chaitali Pandya by Valonia Interiors, Surat
  • Simone Arora furnishes this Rustomjee Elements show apartment in Mumbai in a way that shows her off as a proficient designer and epitomises her brand’s motto “Naturally Inspired
    Rustomjee Elements Show Apartment, Mumbai
  • ” Beautiful in the kitchen and large enough to make a statement and easily read what time it is. Very quick delivery. “

    Claudia Johnson
  • ” This clock is beautiful and adds just the right amount of charm to my teen son’s old world history room decor! I briefly forgot the clock makes no sound and thought I’d received a faulty one, but NO! This clock is completely silent, as promised, and keeps perfect time! Very happy with this purchase. “

    Saritha K.
  • ” We finally hung the clock and we could not be more pleased!  It looks perfect in the space and it is beautiful. The pictures don’t do it justice.  The customer service was great.  The delivery was fast.  It is rare to find a company that is so competent and dedicated to customer service these days.  Thank you for everything. “

    Roshan Agarwal
  • ” A nice addition to my kitchen. Added a little bit of color and the numbers are easy to read. “

    Rohini Gupta
  • ” Received promptly in excellent condition. Thank you. We’re extremely happy with the clock and it looks fantastic on our living room wall. “

    J. Kamath, Mumbai
  • ” I love this clock – it is lovely, perfect size and totally quiet – just what I had wanted! “

    V. Prasad, Bangalore
  • “I must say your booth showcased your products very effectively and attractively!”

    Pavan from Divine Design at Acetech Mumbai, 2014
  • “Amazing collection!! Looking forward to purchase some unique pieces for my bungalow”

    Rajesh Bansal at acetech mumbai 2014
  • “Definitely the most creative stall in the Acetech Mumbai Show. It’s great to see the coveted international clock brands on the same platform.”

    Arc. Hitesh at ACETECH Mumbai 2014
  • “Never seen such a unique collection of clocks. Would love to incorporate the products in my projects.”

    Arc. Surjit Bhattacharya at Acetech Mumbai 2014
  • “You could never let yourself missing out on admiring such a beautiful collection.”

    Interior Designer Mangesh Dabhade at Actech Mumbai 2014
  • “Products displayed at your booth are ‘masterpieces’ which exudes royalty.”

    Ar. Sunil Humane, Design Edge at Acetech Mumbai 2014
  • “I think the best thing about the exhibition was your display. It showcased ‘art’and ‘modernism’.”

    Architect Edgar B. Afonso, Edgar Afonso Architecture at Actech Mumbai 2014
  • “Your stand is the most crowded one. Not seen so many people in any stand in the entire exhibition. After seeing the collection, I agree 100% that you have the most beautiful product in the entire show.”

    Architect Aneeta Singh at acetech mumbai 2014
  • “Makes our visit to the show complete. We are so glad that we could see your booth.” 

    R. Kanojia, (Student from Art & Architecture College in Mumbai) at acetech mumbai 2014
  • “The most outstanding booth in the entire Acetech show.”

    Manmeet Singh, Project Consultant at acetech mumbai 2014
  • “Oh my god! I cannot believe my eyes. Such brilliant products. Wonderful.”

    Soma Hirani (Home Maker) at acetech mumbai 2014
  • “The best stand in the entire Acetech. Very interesting and innovative designs and products.”

    N. Khan (Interior Designer) at acetech mumbai 2014
  • “It is nice to see these international brands now being available in India”

    Architect Ajay Shah at acetech mumbai 2014

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